Thrill Rides Ranking in Japanese USJ! What Is the Scariest?



How scary are the roller coasters at USJ? I’m worried about being able to ride them…

I understand your concern very well.

This is because I also don’t like riding roller coasters.

My heart is pounding before I get on a ride with a scream machine.

Are you afraid to ride a roller coaster??

Please let me tell you one thing!

Don’t worry, you can ride all of USJ’s roller coasters except for “No.1”! (Probably…)

I have actually ridden all of the scream rides in Japanese USJ.

Based on my experience, the fear ranking is created to see which ones scare you the most.

All kinds!

This is an analysis of all the attractions that USJ classifies in the “Full of Screams and Thrills” category on its official website.

This article will tell you which ones are scary and which ones are not!

If you think,


I want to ride a screamer, but I don’t know whether I can go or not…

Try the bottom one of my ranking!

Screaming Scare Ranking List at USJ

Let’s take a look at the ranking!

Scarier from the first to the last, and less scary as you go down.
If there is an attraction you are interested in, please click on the link below for more details.

No.1:Hollywood Dream the Ride

(Quoted from Universal Studios Japan official website.)
  • Scary: ★★★★★ (very scary)
  • Fun: ★ (exhilarating)
  • Floatability: ★★★★★ (It’s crazy)
  • Repeatability: ☆☆☆☆☆ (I don’t want to ride it again)

No. 1 is the scary “Hollywood Dream the Ride,” a.k.a. “Haridori,” which is the scariest ride by far. (Only in Kansai?)

Hollywood Dream the Ride has a normal forward-facing pattern and a backward-facing “back drop,” but this time it is the normal forward-facing pattern that ranked first.

I have ridden all the attractions at USJ (Haridori is forward-facing only).

I don’t want to ride this attraction again.

I didn’t die or faint when I rode Haridori, but I was so scared that I cried.

If you don’t like roller coasters, don’t ride Hollywood Dream the Ride at first!

Please try the attractions below the second place for now.

After you feel “I can do it at all!”, you can challenge this coaster.

Strategy: Concentrate on the music and keep singing.

It also has a button to select music right in front of your seat, so you can listen to your favorite songs while riding.

Honestly, it is too scary to listen to music.

But if you can concentrate on the music, you will fall just at the chorus.

The exhilarating feeling is unbelievable. (According to my friend).

Many people choose “Osaka Lover” by DREAMS COME TRUE.

Because of this experience, I still feel a sense of dread when I hear “Osaka Lover” and remember the floating sensation of Haridori.

It is a trauma.

No.2:The Flying Dinosaur

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan.)
  • Scary: ★★★★ (very scary at the beginning)
  • Fun: ★ (just a little)
  • Floatability: ★ (very little)
  • Repeatability: ★★ (I don’t want to ride it)

The Flying Dinosaur is a 360° spinning attraction.

When you don’t ride it, and watch it from the ground, you will think


Too scary! I can’t stand it

But when you actually ride it, you honestly don’t know what’s happening to you because it’s too fast.

The speed is too fast and the wind is too strong, so before you know it, the ride is over while you are being tossed around.

My simple impression after actually riding the boat is “So tired…”.

Before the first departure, your body is tilted forward 90 degrees and you are suspended in midair, which is the scariest part.

The only thing connected to the ride is a bar that holds your upper body and a bar that holds your ankles, so I felt like I was going to fall straight off my face.

It’s not so much the thrill as it is the fear of death.

Also, you hardly feel the floating sensation.

Therefore, it is more suitable for those who don’t like the feeling of floating on a roller coaster!

Strategy: Don’t look down. Enjoy the view of the sky and the park.

Many people who are afraid of roller coasters are also afraid of heights.

The Flying Dinosaur makes a complete turn and you can clearly see the ground (and the people walking on it).

If you are afraid of heights, your heart will “skip a beat”.

It is a good idea not to look down. Live your life looking up.

On the other hand, if you are okay with heights, ride with your eyes open.

You may feel as if you are a bird flying through the air.

No.3:Jurassic Park The Ride

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scary: ★★★★ (usually scary)
  • Fun: ★ (fun until you fall off)
  • Floatability: ★★★★ (quite a bit)
  • Repeatability: ★★ (still bearable)

Third place goes to “Jurassic Park the Ride,” also known as “Julapa.

It is simplilly scary.

I wouldn’t want to ride it if I could.

But if my friend invited me to ride it, I would say “I can ride it if I try hard enough.

Jurassic Park the Ride is just a boat ride with dinosaurs at first.

There are cute dinosaurs, and the ride is fun as you talk to them.

Toward the end of the ride, it gets more and more disturbing.

Eventually you fall almost vertically while being yelled at by the dinosaurs.

The fall itself lasts only a few seconds, and you should be able to get over it if you hold your breath.

The dinosaur’s yelling and the buzzer that goes off before you fall are scary and too loud to be heartbreaking.

It shortens your life span…

Strategy: stop breathing the moment you fall.

The boat will stop for a moment before falling.

If you take a breath at that moment and press your body against the seat, you should be able to endure it because it is only for a moment.

☟There is also an article comparing “Jurassic Park” and “Splash Mountain” at TDL (Tokyo Disneyland), if you have time to take a look.


No.4:Flight of the Hippogriff

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scary: ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (Scared of rattling and shaking)
  • Fun: ☆☆☆☆☆★★ (It is exhilarating)
  • Floatability: ☆☆☆☆★★★ (You feel a little at the moment of falling)
  • Repeatability: ☆☆☆☆☆★★★ (If you are invited, you can do it)

It is THE ordinary roller coaster.

The rattling and shaking makes you feel insecure about safety, but of course you can rest assured that you have never fallen off.

You also feel a bit of floating sensation, but not so much that you are prepared to die.

It’s a little fun and a little scary. I would go if I were invited.

Strategy: Shout for now. Look far away from the rail.

If you shout, it might make you feel a little less scared.

But most people are not afraid, so if you are embarrassed to shout, look as far away as possible.

Not knowing where you are going to go next can make you feel more scared.

It may help to look beyond the rail to see the general direction you are going.

No.5:Elmo’s Go-Go Skateboarding

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scary: ★★★★★ (you must be on your guard)
  • Fun: ★★★★ (music and atmosphere are fun)
  • Floating: ★★★★ (Too many times to fall. Forever)
  • Repeatability: ★★★★ (It can be done)

Don’t underestimate it.


It was a ride for kids. I can ride on it!

Some people regretted going on this ride because they thought it. Yes, that’s me.

The feeling of floating when you fall is quite good. It is quite scary.

And above all, it is long.

The time is too long and the number of times you fall is too many.

The ship in the picture just swings from side to side and falls.

It is monotonous and keeps on swinging and falling all the time compared to the higher roller coasters.

Strategy: Distract yourself by talking with the person next to you.

In the meantime, keep talking to the person you went with.

“Isn’t it a little long? or “I’m pretty scared,” or whatever.

Just turning away from the reality that you are falling now will make you feel better.

Also, Elmo talks happily (I don’t remember what he says), so you may feel a little better than other screamers.

No.6:Space Fantasy the Ride

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scary: ★★ (not so much)
  • Fun: ★★★★★ (a lot of fun)
  • Floatability: ★ (not nearly as much)
  • Repeatability: ★★★★★ (I want to go every time)

It’s very fun!

I’m not good at screaming, but I enjoyed “Space Fantasy the Ride” from the first time I rode it.

Although it was a little scary.

I know many of my friends who are not as good at screaming as Nakecat, but they say “I can go on the Spephan”.

I am sure you can ride it too!

The speed is rather fast, but you will fall while spinning, so there is almost no floating sensation.

Strategy: If you look closely at the rails, you will know which direction to go next and it will be less scary.

You will be in the dark the whole time, but if you keep your eyes open, you can see the rails.

Then, your brain can understand which direction to go next, and you can challenge the fall with a prepared mind.

No.7: Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scary: ★★★ (so scary you can’t feel your feet)
  • Fun: ★★★★★ (a lot of fun)
  • Floating: ★★★ (a little fluffy)
  • Repeatability: ★★★★★ (I want to go every time)

It’s so much fun. I want to go every time.

Not only Harry Potter fans, but even the casual fans who have seen a few movies will have a great time.

The attractions themselves are so much fun!

Compared to other attractions, this attraction is relatively new, so it is very popular and the wait time is long.

But you would be able to wait at all.

The castle and the whole area are very well finished and you will feel as if you are in a movie world.

In terms of the scary part, you sit on a couch with a safety bar on your upper body, so your feet are a little fluffy.

I have never met anyone who said, “I was so scared!

Please feel free to go!

Strategy: Enjoy the images. Don’t be afraid.

No.8: Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man the Ride 4K3D

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scary: ★★★ (a little scary when falling)
  • Fun: ★★★★ (fun)
  • Floatability: ★ (feel a little when falling)
  • Repeatability: ★★★★ (I usually like to go there)

It is an image of going around several theaters on a ride.

When you put on the goggles, the images appear three-dimensional, so you can feel as if you are in a movie world.

There is a scene of falling in the movie, and the body of the vehicle tilts forward at that time.

However, there is no danger of actually falling, so please don’t worry.

Strategy: Enjoy the video. Don’t be afraid.


(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scary: ★ (sharks are about as scary as you can get)
  • Fun: ★★★ (normal fun)
  • Floatability: ☆☆☆☆☆ (not at all)
  • Repeatability: ★★★★ (I usually like to go)

You will experience the world of Jaws on a boat.

Basically, you just let yourself go as the crew’s older brothers and sisters do their best.

There is nothing scary as you just watch.

The only scary part is that if you are afraid of sharks or loud noises such as explosions, you should be careful.

Strategy: Enjoy the world view. The sense of floating and running is zero.

No.10:Water World

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scary: ★ (fight scenes and explosions may be scary for children)
  • Fun: ★★★ (normal fun)
  • Floatability: ☆☆☆☆☆ (not at all)
  • Repeatability: ★★★★ (I want to go in summer)

This is a show type attraction where you see a stage with many people.

The fight scenes and explosions may be a little too stimulating and startling for small children.

Almost all adults are not fared of it.

The stuntman’s performance is so amazing that I am impressed no matter how many times I see it.

If you sit in the front seats, you may get splashed.

This is an attraction that I like to go to in the summer.

Strategy: Be prepared for loud noises only. You may want to sit in the back.

No.11:Mario Kart – Bowser’s Challenge

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scared: ☆☆☆☆☆ (not at all)
  • Fun: ★★★★★ (a lot of fun)
  • Floatability: ☆☆☆☆☆ (not at all)
  • Repeatability: ★★★★★ (want to go every time)

Why did Univa categorize Mario as “full of screams and thrills”?

It’s not as scary as you might think.

It really is literally an attraction for adults and children alike.

Whether you have ever played Mario Kart or not, you will definitely enjoy it.

It is a modern version of go-karting, where you control the vehicle with the steering wheel in your hand while watching images of Mario Kart.

If you have never been to USJ, I highly recommend you to try this attraction.

Personally, it is the No. 1 attraction I want to ride the next time I go to USJ.

Strategy: None in particular. It’s a lot of fun, so please go.

No.12:Minion Hachamacha Ride

(Quoted from the official website of Universal Studios Japan)
  • Scared: ☆☆☆☆☆ (not at all)
  • Fun: ★★★★ (fun)
  • Floatability: ★ (very little)
  • Repeatability: ★★★★★ (would like to go)

This is an attraction where you can enjoy the mischievous life of the Minions while riding the rides.

The ride itself does not move, but only sways back and forth from side to side, so there is no need to worry at all.

It’s super safe and sure to make you smile.

And the wait is relatively short, so by all means, give it a try!

Strategy: It’s not scary at all. Let’s go be cuddled by the minions!



Thank you for seeing this through to the end!

I am a scream-phobic person, but I was scared to the point that I wouldn’t mind riding again except for Hollywood Dream the Ride.


If you are not good at roller coasters, please try the attractions in the lower ranks!

Personally, I love the attractions ranked from No.6 to No.12.

I want to ride them again.

Please use the official website of USJ as below.


You can book hotels through the below page!


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